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Our Mission 

"Children's Prep Academy is a premier Christian school preparing students for academic excellence and success through character development, rigorous disciplines of learning, language, the arts, music, physical education, and entrepreneurship." 

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A Unique Approach

Our school offers quaint classroom settings where educators focus on the critical year's K-6th grade in developing success in reading, cursive writing,  math, science, history,  foreign language, music, and critical thinking, all in a Christ-centered environment.  We firmly believe that great leaders are first great readers.   Thus, our academy provides essential learning, growth, and development of these key components.

Happy School Kid

"Educating Children today to be leaders of tomorrow!"

"The Abeka Curriculm is OUTSTANDING! My daughter learned to read AND write in cursive in Kindergarten. It is possible!  "

Danielle, 33

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